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cold storage solution

The CMD Speaks………

The economic situation in India is far from encouraging - the growing fear of global recession; Sky rocketing cost of capital; inflationary pressure; turbulent political climate; anemic private and public investments; gloomy stock market sentiments.

Despite these adverse indicators of economy, there is a growing demand to keep and distribute temperature sensitive products, under food category, to address the spiraling food inflation and the global food security concerns. 

Globally, India is one of the key producers of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and marine products – all of them need cold solutions for preservation.

RINAC can proudly call themselves a pioneer in providing cold solutions in this country; after all, RINAC does not import the technology fully; all the cooling systems are designed by RINAC professionals for the ambient conditions of this tropical country.

The reliability of the cooling system is very important in preserving the basic integrity of any perishable goods.  It is for this reason that the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture has come out with Technical Standards for various types of storages. The recently formulated National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD) by the Ministry of Agriculture (GOI) may also be a step towards building the reliability of the system.

The state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility, creative Design and Engineering Department to provide solutions for all type of cooling needs in the perishable sector and the time-tested Execution and Service Departments are some of the key contributions by RINAC to this critical need.

Having been in the business of insulated panels and refrigeration system for nearly a couple of decades, to support the storage of perishable items, RINAC has entered, a couple of years ago, the construction business to supply PUF insulated wall and roofing panels to meet the needs of Pre Engineered Building (PEB) concept towards the Green Building Movement initiated in this country. 

The PEB concept has been very successful and proven in countries like North America, Australia, UK and other European countries.  The execution of such PEB buildings is faster to the extent of 30 – 40% in comparison to masonry construction.  It provides good insulation effect inter alia lower energy consumption, if the space is air-conditioned and highly suitable for tropical country like India.    PEBs are fast spreading in industrial constructions like Manufacturing Plants, Steel industry, Power Plant, Warehouses, Railway Godowns, Shelters, Military Camps, low cost housings etc. 

The cost effective Manufacturing Facility at Murbad in Maharashtra is the evidence for the commitment of RINAC Management to address this national requirement. 

The Team RINAC, over a period, is built to meet the national agenda on cold solutions and energy efficiency in every link through innovative reading of market needs, creative product development and quality management of global standards.   

P V Balasubramanian


cold storage solution

Business evolution & key milestones

cold storage solution

Seamless solutions for cold chain and modular construction

Rinac India Limited is an integrated engineering solutions company. Nothing excites us more than engineering end-to-end solutions for the cold chain and modular construction industries. We set no limits to curiosity, innovation, and ingenuity; constantly questioning perfection and asking ourselves ‘What if?’ and ‘Why not’ every day.

As a result, frontrunners in several industries come to us for total solutions in the cold chain and construction infrastructure. And they stay on for our domain expertise, technology leadership, service excellence, and customizing capabilities.

At Rinac, no requirement is too difficult; no challenge too complicated. We believe that each customer needs a solution, unique to his need, environment, and aspirations. And, we revel in creating new possibilities that address each requirement perfectly.

cold storage solution

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