cold storage solution
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cold storage solution

Curd Incubator Cum Chiller

cold storage solution

cold storage solution cold storage solution cold storage solution

Tasty, Thick and smooth curd that is full of natural goodness; Curd that pack In all the flavors and nutrition of milk. Curd is esteemed for its pleasant and refreshing taste. It is highly adaptable health promoting and valuable curative food. Keeping them as nature intended ,delicious and fresh is vital for your business. Hence curd incubation and chilling is a critical process at your end, for reasons, it is influenced by the heat treatment of milk, milk pH on the initial volume drained, species, incubation Temperature and the swift pull down to 4 ° C. Hence you need novel solution for the incubation and chilling from the house of refrigeration" Rinac" the complete solution provider.

Incubation Rooms:

Rinac's Curd incubation rooms are designed to ensure even product temperature of 43°C in 2 hours batch process facilitating setting of curd in a scientific manner.

Blast Chilling:

Rinac's Blast Chillers ensure pull down product temperature from 43 to 10 ° C in 2 hours and & further cooling in 2 hours.

Cold Room:

Rinac's cold room will provide even storage temperature of 2 to 4 ° C and support the longevity by increasing the shelf life of the product.

Return On Investment (ROI):

These incubation rooms and blasting chilling equipments are consciously designed by RINAC, after in-depth study of conventional and contemporary methodology of milk and milk product processing across the globe and thus benefitting producer by optimum return on investment.

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