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Straight Belt IQF/Tunnel Freezerbanner
Handles your pull down conditions with ease completes the cycle quickly and efficiently


  • Ideal for Cut Vegetable, Fruits, Marine products
  • Food grade MOC gives high standard of hygiene
  • Inbuilt VFD for variable belt speed which gives freedom in handling variety of products
  • Fluidized bed to ensure uniform Cooling
  • Occupies less floor space
  • Complete ease of defrost and high degree of sanitation
  • Very quick freezing time ensure minimal water loss and high product quality
  • Can operate as complete stand-alone unit


Spiral Belt IQF

  • Ideal for RTE food, Poultry and Meat
  • Variable belting option depending on the application, with long belt life
  • Very compact and occupies less floor space
  • VFD for belt motor enables handling variety of products
  • High degree of sanitation
  • Single or multiple belt unit
  • Module of capacity 500,1000,2500&3000 kg/hr of peas
  • Enclosure made of energy efficient 150mm thick sandwich panels with RPUF core and stainless steel pre-painted GI metal lamination
  • Access doors
  • High static fans
  • Freezer conveyor belts of SS/PE
  • Cooling coil of SS tubes/Aluminium fins suitable for ammonia liquid pumping
  • Automatic defrost arrangement

Equipment Description

The IQF package fluidized belt tunnel freezer comprising of a plenum chamber that includes the belt ,product guards, fans with motors. Coil section that includes the coils ,belt washer and enclosure includes walls ,floor ,doors, lightings, in-feed and discharge.


bannerConveyor System

The conveyor system consists of two conveyor sections:the pre-cool section and the freeze section.The conveyor frame is made of alumimium side panels consisting of UHMW roller belt supports on the pre-cool section and UHMW herring bone design on the freeze section.The product guards are made of stainless steel and UHMW wear strips against the belt.


Conveyor Drives

Each belt is electrically driven.The electric motors are directly coupled through heavy duty high ratio gear motor.The speed is controlled by remote speed dials at the control panel.The freezing times and temperature is monitered by electronic digital meters.

Refrigeration Systems

Compak SC Compressor Package

  • Single screw technology and balanced compression
  • Built-in variable volume ratio
  • Generously dimensioned bearings
  • High quality shaft seals and metal bellows
  • Efficient oil separation through coalescent filters
  • All the precision valves, control and instruments are of Danfoss make
  • Flexible operation parameters by variable frequency drive

bannerFreezolator Liquid Over feed System

  • All the precision valves, control and instruments are of standard make
  • Self sufficient in every aspect
  • Construction as per codes

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