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Chill Kart
Experience the power of stored cooling logistics


Chill KartAt Rinac we create an environment that is conducive for innovative thinking. This culture of innovation has helped foster advancements in refrigerated transport technology leading to the development of Rinac's latest product, the Chill Kart. The Chill Kart is Rinac's line of eutectic trucks that offer transport of goods requiring temperature maintenance between -15 deg. C to -25 deg. C. Eutectic trucks are a green and economical alternative to reefer trucks, especially in the secondary transport sector (last mile delivery) more so as it does not require fuel or energy to refrigerate, instead stores 'cold' in eutectic plates placed within the insulated body. RPUF insulation is provided for effective resistance to heat transfer and the GRP sheets vacuum bonded to it ensure lowered weight therefore increase in net payload capacity and effective merchandising area for your product. Non existence of moving parts during operation ensures quiet, green and cost effective transport that adds to your carbon credit.



  • No fuel or energy required for refrigeration during transport.
  • Eutectic plates provide necessary cooling hence nullifying use of fan cooling type evaporator unit
  • Temperature maintained for 10-12 hrs.
  • Use of roll container system and side service doors
  • Rigid Polyurethene Foam used as insulation for body
  • GRP Sheets bonded to insulation.

chilla cartBenefits

  • Economical transport with savings on fuel, energy and labour
  • No moving parts while refrigeration system is in operation
  • Easy unloading of products from roll containers through side service doors
  • RPUF ensures good thermal insulation properties with conductivity as low as 0.022 W/M-K
  • GRP sheets ensure lowered weight hence higher payload capacity and effective area for merchandising.



  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimal service costs
  • Skilled personnel not required for handling system
  • Life of system will be as long as the life of the truck
  • Excellent product protection in case of breakdown of truck
  • Temperature maintained without use of external energy source
  • No noise hence quiet distribution
  • No exhaust hence non polluting


  • Truck is plugged into a 3 phase power supply and charged for 8 to 10 hrs.
  • Products are arranged according to delivery priority on roll containers and loaded on to the truck through rear doors
  • Truck is charged for one hour after loading of product and start delivery run
  • While on delivery, the rear doors remain shut and the products are unloaded through side service doors.
  • On return to the warehouse, the truck is plugged in, so as to refreeze the eutectic plates and the cycle continues

chill cart graph


Graph1 : Shows the performance of the refrigeration system while on an 8 hour long delivery run

chill cart graph

Graph 2 : Shows cost savings. 50% savings per year


Eutectic System

Forced Cooling Type

No moving parts during operation

Moving parts of evaporator fan and compressor

Low service cost

High service costs

Life is as long as truck

Life of 5 yrs

Skilled personnel not required for servicing

Skilled personnel required

Excellent for product safety even if truck breaks down

Breakdown of truck would mean no safety for products

No noise

High levels of noise

No exhaust hence non polluting




External Box Dimensions

2450x1650x1650ht mm

Internal  Dimensions

2250x1450x1450ht mm

Inside Volume

4700 lts

GRP sheet thickness

1.5 mm

GRP panel with PU core

100 mm

Thermal conductivity

0.022 w/mK

Core density of foam

38 Kg/m3

Cabinet Temperature

-15°C to -25°C

Product to be stored

Frozen Products

Storage Capacity (appox)

700 Kgs

Condensing Unit

In built (nose type)




Eutectic Pad , Italy

No. of Eutectic Pads




Power Supply



11 Amps

Connected Power

6.325 kW


The Chill Kart is a last mile delivery vehicle for which insulated box size of current dimension is provided for variants such as the Ashok Leyland Dost, Tata Super Ace and the Mahindra Maxximo. Chill Kart containers for other chassis will be provided on request.

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