cold storage solution
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cold storage solution

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cold storage solution


The seed storage range of products are designed to maintain specific temperature and relative humidity conditions such as medium temperature with low relative humidity for long-term seed storage; Medium temperature with high humidity for germination rooms; controlled temperature and relative humidity with day/light simualations; as well as clean space for tissue culture applications


  • Pre-fabricated PUF pannels for walls,ceilings and floors.
  • Humidifiers for germination rooms.
  • Refrigerant based de-humidifiers for prolonged storage.
  • VFD for belt motor enables handling variety of products.
  • Covings lighting, and clean air management with day/night light controls for tissue culture labs.
  • Suitable racking arrangements based on applications.
  • Energy cum cost-optimized systems.
  • Digital control PLC-based data mining

cold storage solution