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Step in Blast Chillers

FREEZOLINE Industrial Blast Chillers
Quality and freshness of Product: Ingredients for success.

Blast chillers are an essential element of any food preservation industry or kitchen, and are key to maximizing the condition, taste and texture of the food. These units also make a major contribution to helping meet food hygiene standards, preserving the quality of your food and reducing food waste.

How can I keep food longer without abandoning quality?

All cooked foods lose quality and appeal quickly if not served right away. Only quick chilling to a product’s core temperature [ 2 Deg C] maintains its original flavor, quality and nutritional integrity. When food temperatures hover between +10°C and +70°C, food safety can be compromised by the spread of bacteria, by oxidation and evaporation. Our blast process keep desired temperature at the product’s core, preserving maximum quality, color, aroma, taste and extending shelf life.

Need of Blast Chilling Process

Blast Chilling Normal cooling

The main reason is the very high bacterial proliferation that occurs while the food has a temperature between 65 ° C and 10 ° C. To safe food, Blast Chill the food & its temperature must be reduced from +70ºC to +3ºC or below within 90 minutes. The blast chilling provides reliability in controlling daily production and maintaining finished and semi-finished products consistent in quality, texture, taste and aroma.

HACCP guidelines call for cooked food which is not immediately served or held heated to be chilled in order to limit the growth of bacteria in the food. Bacteria multiply most rapidly when the core temperature of the food is between 65 and 10 °C. To safely chill food to a safe holding temperature, it must be cooled to 4 °C or below within 90 minutes.

Our Blast chilling process cool the food quickly to the core and prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your food in line with health and safety guidelines. The use of Rinac's blast chiller allows to lower the temperature at the core of freshly cooked foods up to 3 ° C in less than 90 minutes, reducing bacterial proliferation and the dehydration of the product. All food cooked and allowed to cool slowly to serve as a result, loses its best qualities. The end result is the preservation of the quality, color and fragrance of food, extending the term of storage. All this allows the chef to work with greater security, organization and tranquility, leaving more room for creativity.


Our Modular Blast Chiller range is designed to cope with the multi-purpose requirement of the food service industry and enables you to take control of the Cook-Chill Process.

  • Blast Chiller Models to choose from with capacity ranging from 60kg to 500kg
  • Excellent Air turbulence ensures uniform chilling whilst protecting the food surface.
  • Capable of blast chilling from +55ºC to +3ºC in 90 minutes, with an entry temperature of up to +90ºC, exceeding food safety requirements.
  • Robust white laminate exterior as standard (304 grade stainless steel option)
  • Designed for handling batch production.
  • High velocity airflow inside chamber ensures high quality of chilling.
  • Food grade MOC gives high standard of hygiene.
  • Can be used as a complete standalone or in combination with other systems.
  • Completely factory assembled and pressure tested, hence can be easily erected at site.
  • Door gasket are of low-temperature-resistant material & designed for easy cleaning.
  • Strengthened floor with Synthetic finish for clean aesthetic and easy to wash/ mop. No need of RCC/Tiling work inside.
RINAC Freezer Line
Blast Chiller - FBC
Capacity in kg/batch
Sl. No. Model UOM FBC 060 FBC 120 FBC 200 FBC 500
1 Capacity kg/batch 60 120 200 500
2 Room Length m 1.2 1.2 2 2.4
3 Room Width m 1.8 1.8 1.8 2.4
4 Room Height m 1.8 2.7 2.7 2.7
5 Panel Thickness mm 80 80 80 80
6 Door Width mm 750 750 750 750
7 Door Height mm 1000 1600 1600 1600
8 Trolley Width mm 600 600 580 580
9 Trolley Length mm 800 800 800 800
10 Trolley Height mm 1100 1700 1700 1700
11 No of Trolley [ Optional] 1 1 2 4
12 No of Pans / Trolley 14 28 28 28
13 Product Incoming Temp Deg. C 55 55 55 55
14 Product Final Temp Deg. C 2 2 2 2
15 Pull Down hrs 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
16 Refrigeration Capacity kW 4 6 11 24
17 Product Type Cooked Food Cooked Food Cooked Food Cooked Food
18 Consumed Power kW 2.9 4.2 8.7 17.9
19 Full load Current A 19 19.8 20.9 47.1
20 Power required kW 7.2 7.5 11.9 26.7
21 Power supply 415V 3Ph, 50Hz 415V 3Ph, 50Hz 415V 3Ph, 50Hz 415V 3Ph, 50Hz

* Trolley with GN Tray – GN 1/1 Tray [ 325 x 530 x 65 HT PANS)

Typical Drawing of Blast system:

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